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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 15, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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brutally cold. here it is. now snow is coming to start your saturday but your weekend forecast is about to get very strange and you're going to like it. >> your news starts in 30 seconds. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. first at 10, painful, dangerous cold and this is just our first taste of it.
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you definitely needed to bundle up if you stepped outside tonight. probably best to stay inside though. we're getting early blast of winter and the forecast gets kind of, well, strange from here. good evening, i'm lucy noland. i'm chris o'connell in for iain page tonight. there are dramatic twists ahead let's straight to meteorologist scott williams. scott, fill us in. >> dramatic indeed, chris and lucy. get ready to buckle up over the next several days. we're talking about bitter cold also a chance for some snow but then milder conditions. live look right now outside of our studios. there are folks bundled up because it feels like 3 degrees right now in philadelphia. the air temperature is 18. but look at those bitter winds right now sustained out of the west in philadelphia at 17 miles per hour but look at mount pocono winds sustained there almost 30 miles per hour so take look at what it actually feels like in the poconos. it feels like 15 below. we have wind chill advisories there for the overnight. it feels like zero in reading it feels like three right now in
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wilmington and it feels like five current until millville. so overnight, look at the low temperatures, 15 in the city. 10 in the suburbs. single digit wind chills for most and what about tomorrow morning? winter gear, bundle up, heavy coat we're talking about temperatures by 1:00 o'clock only 27 degrees. dry, quiet right now but this is the weekend storm system that will bring us that wintry mix, then eventually milder air will allow for that snow and sleet to change over to all rain. coming up the latest timing and those snowfall totals with that entire forecast. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much, scott. happening right now, if you don't need to be outside, don't go. it's bone chilling cold. >> ask anyone out and about tonight like our own bruce gordon. he's been all over the city tonight. he's in center city now. bruce, it's nasty out there. >> reporter: yeah, specials whole that wind starts whipping up. question really important on night like this is real simple. can you go inside if you really
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need to do? the answer to that question, well, that's all the difference in the world. the difference between it being uncomfortable out here and put your life at risk. at the wind whipped blue cross river rink only the hearty were out on this night. fool hearty. we found this woman lynching up her skates. >> we thought the cold might scare people away and we get fresh ice. >> the smart people. >> your definition. >> meg was here with her two daughters part of annual girls night out bonding in the brutal cold. >> reporter: do you mind this weather. >> it's winter. winter is supposed to be cold. it's not snowing. it's not raining. it's blustery and it's nice. >> reporter: for everyone who was out in the elements by choice, there are others who faced the frigid weather by circumstance. >> i've been out here for about a month and a half. >> reporter: jose in the convention center pass through at 12th and arch. a homeless hang out mostly because these walls cup the winter wind. jose says he was on his way from nebraska back home to new york city and jumped and robbed at
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the greyhound bus station. now he stays on the street until nearby shelter opens late at night he'll be forced out before dawn and he'll head to tenth and 59. >> vans will come pick us up. >> get day work. >> yes. >> so you can make a few dolla dollars. >> yes. >> reporter: live out sheer rough and dangerous not just because of the cold. >> you feel safe out here. >> not really. no one does. >> reporter: jose understands why the homeless are unwelcomed here. he sees the trash and hears the comments made to women passing by. as we speak a man steps up to a nearby wall and urinates on it. >> that's pissing me off, you know. >> reporter: pardon the expression. >> yeah. >> reporter: come morning jose will look for work. until then it's the of the street and the filth of the shelter and the danger of it a all. >> got to do what you got to do. really do. >> reporter: as you heard from scott williams, the situation won't be getting any better any time soon. good news for the homeless of course during the daylight hours
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there are more indoor options much again it's nazi out here right now. lucy? >> surely is, thank you very much, bruce. elsewhere across the country early winter weather is behind a host of headaches. single digit temperatures in chicago are chilling people to the bone. wind chills are subzero. out west an early winter storm was behind dozens of crashes in portland oregon n buffalo new york drivers helped each other get unstuck as lake effect snow piled up. >> i'm a judge here. so we knew it was going to be terrible weather. we worked on tomorrow's calendar just a crazy night and i got stuck because i got plowed in here. >> other places along the great lakes saw some serious snow as well. in cleveland folks woke up as much as 8-inches. if you haven't downloaded the fox 29 news app, go ahead don it. you'll have live radar images at your fingertips and weather alerts accept to your phone. don't load it for free from the apple or google play stores. breaking news tonight from princeton university.
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the school's men's swimming and diving team just learned their season has been suspended. princeton just made the announcement saying the university had been alerted to vulgar and offensive content on the university sponsored team group e-mail distribution. princeton said some of the material that was out there was mow statue mystic and racist. now in a statement princeton says in part "we make it clear to all of our student athletes that they represent princeton university at all times. the behavior that we've been learning about is simply unacceptable. it is to the values of our athletic program and the university license not be tolerated. university officials will make a decision soon about the remainder of the team schedule. one car, one driver and two damaged homes in bristol bucks county night. bristol police say a 55-year-old woman was backing out of her driveway along indian red road she for some reason gunned it
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and backed over her neighbor's lawn and into the front of their house. the cops say it doesn't stop there. she then drove forward and crashed through her own home. no one is hurt but officials now say her home is uninhabitable and she's now in police custody for suspicion of dui. happening right now, man charged in gun shop heist is back in our area more than a year and a half after the crim crimes. jabar tin dell had been fighting extradition for months. hundreds of miles from pennsylvania. but tonight delaware county police finally got him behind bars. >> and the way detectives tracked down their man sounds like it belongs in crime drama. fox 29's dave kinchen life in collingdale tonight. dave, there were when they finally brought their man in. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. we were there when they did. the perp walk. we can item you what's next here finding the other bad guys in this case but dna has already played a critical role. mr. tin dell, any comment. >> not a word from 40-year-old jabar tin dell as he was
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transported by collingdale police. extradited back from virginia for his alleged involve in many lifting 21 hand guns from the suburban armory gun shop a year and a half ago. only three were ever recovered. >> can you tell us where those guns are? are you worried they could be used to hurt someone? >> reporter: question police police chief bob adams is trying to get answered too. >> one of my investigators and atf agents went down to interview him, and he would not talk at all. >> reporter: surveillance video showed several suspects smashing their way into suburban armory on the 1,000 block of macdade boulevard in late may 2015. they got the handguns but could not break the cables protecting the long guns. the heist was over in 90 seconds. surveillance shows the get away and not one but two vehicles. but police say dna found at the scene helped police connect the dots to tin dell even after all this time. >> they were able to locate him through a small spec of his blood on the glass that was
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smash out the front of suburban that was dna comparison was matched and matched his dna from a prior burglary. >> reporter: delaware county law enforcement now linked to their counterparts in virginia where jabar tin dell was suspected of staying with family on farm. >> he was raking hey and leaves on the farm somewhere. the federal marshals were watc watching him. they got enough manpower they went in and did their thing. >> chief adams says tin dell fought extradition for four months before coming back today even answering charges for other crimes. but he's not giving up his alleged partners yet. >> he was offered a bite of the apple and he didn't take it. >> reporter: tindell remains behind bars on $500,000 cash bail. >> chris and lucy. >> thank you very much, dave. tioga nicetown neighborhood a high school student is in trouble with the law tonight. police say that he brought a loaded gun to school. they arrested him after they say he tried to walk into philip randolph high school with the
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gun in his backpack. the school went on lock down for more than an hour this morning. police are trying to figure out why he had the gun. president-elect donald trump thank you tour made a stop in the keystone state. trump spoke to crowd of supporters to night in hershey. >> he wasted no time reminding the audience that pennsylvania voters chose someone other than a democrat for president. >> this is the first time the republican party has won the state of pennsylvania in almost 30 years. [ applause ] >> trump spent a lot of time talking about his win in pennsylvania pointing out all the polls had him trailing hillary clinton. the president-elect promised to bring back jobs to the country and to the state and just like he mentioned throughout his campaign he promised to secure the border. >> we will build a great great wall. [ cheers and applause ] >> we will put an end to illegal immigration and we are going to stop the drugs from pouring into
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our country and poisoning the youth of pennsylvania and every other state. >> meanwhile just two cabinet positions remain open in the trump administration, one for the department of veterans affairs. the other for the secretary of the department of agriculture. guilty on all counts. that is the verdict for the south carolina church shooter. federal jurors found twenty two-year-old dylan roof guilty on all 33 federal charges including several hate crimes. roof opened fire inside a charleston south carolina church in june of last year killing nine parishioners. the jury will reconvene after the new year to decide whether roof should get life in prison for the death penalty. reporters inside the courtroom say roof simply stared straight ahead as jurors read the verdi verdict. well would you go through tons of other people's garbage. probably not. would you change your mind if you through five grand in the trash? it happened to one woman and the angels who helped her find it.
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plus -- tristan is my new friend dealing with challenges. tristan has leukemia but he'll be okay. this is his family and their friend al. they're coming together to offer support for goodness sake. that's coming up next.
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police don't want that uniform in stranger's hands. >> it's horrible. >> that's not good. but this is philly you know anything happens here. >> reporter: lofts worry tonight after police say this man right here stole a philadelphia police officer's patrol jacket, badge and hat from criminal justice center yesterday. the officer briefly left them on a bench while testifying in court. when he came out, they were go gone. >> it's unfortunate, you know, people are that bold and brazen to do something like that. >> i just can't fathom that. what are they going to do with it. >> reporter: the possibility of the thief pretending to be a police officer is where the concern comes in to play. >> we don't need people out there impersonating police officers. it's tough enough out there for the men and women trying to do this job without somebody with poor intentions wearing our uniform. >> reporter: thief was believed to be between 40 and 50
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years old was clearly caught on surveillance. he was seen leaving the cjc with the officer's uniform in a white macy's bag. >> sure it worries you. anyone who has the nerve to do it in the first place is even more dangerous. >> reporter: while many were surprised someone would stoop so low, others believe the officer was down right careless. >> that's not good. he shouldn't have put it down. he should have taken it with h him. other people's lives on the line too. >> very intimidating to another citizen so it's scary. >> reporter: police commissioner richard ross admits the officer should have safeguarded his uniform and is urging the person who stole the gear to turn it in. >> obviously, for the public, you know, if do you get stopped and you don't feel like things are above board, you know, you can always call 911 and ask for a supervisor and go from there. >> reporter: police say the surveillance video is good and someone definitely knows who this guy is. anyone who recognizes the man is urged to call police so that
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uniform can be returned to the person who is trained and qualified to wear it. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. last week we told you how more than a dozen families in evesham township reported their christmas decorations vandalized or stolen. well tonight police say they found the guy responsible. police say 27-year-old donald thorn of marlton now facing theft charges and a drug related charge in a separate incident. the rash of lawn thefts began last month and continued for weeks. ♪ archbishop charles chaput took his mass on the road he held a mass inside the occur ram from hold corrections al facility for inmates and staff today. largest philadelphia in the philadelphia department of prisons. pope francis stopped here during his visit to philadelphia in september of last year. ♪ struggling with cancer can be one of the darkest moments patients and their families
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could ever face. and being alone can potentially make it worse. >> bill anderson found a man and organization dedicated to showing patients that love and support even in the darkest of times. >> they're letting cancer patients know that someone is always there supporting them for goodness sake. >> reporter: one of my favorite quotes the true measure of a man's character is how he treats people who can do absolutely nothing for him. spending the day with one of those people who has that kind of character his name is al harris and his organization is called cancer who. ♪ >> reporter: several years ago al harris was inspired to change his life when three family members were diagnosed with various forms of cancer. he saw the need for support and decided he could be the person to lead efforts to provide it. >> before i had my non-profit...
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[ inaudible ] >> i felt i can i had a purpose. >> reporter: that purpose was to quit his job and dedicate his life to supporting those dealing with cancer. it's filled with days of sitting through chemotherapy and home visits and little if any source of income but he says helping others has made him happier than he's ever been. >> ever since i stopped working started doing cancer who full time... >> reporter: arriving at the house of one of the patients he regularly visits, a seven-year-old with leukemia named tristan, it was easier to understand his motivation. trace can was much more interested in my camera than he was in being interviewed. so we made him an honorary reporter to hear his thoughts. >> he's nice. >> he brings me presents. >> he brings you presents. >> yeah. does it make you happy when he bring the presents? >> um-hmm, yes. >> you like that camera a lot, don't you? >> yes.
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>> yeah? you want me to talk to somebody else now? >> yes. >> okay. point taken. so i let tristan play cameraman. >> you just go around and do like this. that will be your camera. all right? >> okay. >> seems like for everything he's had to deal with he's doing remarkablely well. >> it's been a journey, but with al being around he's like a big brother to him. like family, man. >> tristan warmed up to his reporter job, his grandmother also shared her feelings. >> does mr. al help? >> does mr. al help? >> yes, he does. yes. very much so. i'm so thankful for men like m mr. al. >> aren't you thankful, too? >> yes. >> reporter: that was the perfect place to end our visit. >> i'm tristan. thanks for coming. >> al harris sells cancer who shirts and hats so he has money to buy gifts for the patients and families he visits daily. regardless of the financial challenges people like tristan and his family showed him that this is his calling.
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to be there every day for those in need for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ talk about real life nightmare. parents awakened by their toddler in the next room they found a stranger holding their little girls off in his arms. the dad fought off the man. what police are still trying to figure out about that intruder tonight. >> feeling generous, is that making i was target for scammers? coming up the 12 exams of christmas that that could make the holiday a little less happy. now with tomorrow' traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. get ready foreclosures again not only tonight, tomorrow but through the weekend martin luther king drive. it's closed overnight till 5:00 o'clock. they'll open it up for the morning rush hour tomorrow. shut her down again during the midday and through the weekend. as they sure up that retaining wall right by the art museum. the kelly drive and schuylkill
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takes the alternates as you work your way into the city, and be ready for slippery conditions tomorrow morning again on all of the buses, trains and trollies mainly on the platforms. how cold will it get? we'll check the jam cams, sue has the forecast. i'll see you right here foam tomorrow starting at 4:00. ♪ think of your fellow man.
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♪ lend him a helping hand.
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♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. now your winning lottery numbers. ♪
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sad news from the sporting world night. long time sports broadcaster craig saeger died after a battle with cancer. he was well known for his colorful suits during his more than 40 years career. doctors first diagnosed him with leukemia in 2014. they admitted him back into the hospital late last month. craig saeger was skieve years old. imagine waking up in the middle of the night and finding strange man holding your child. >> could not imagine. but one couple in arizona faced that scary reality but they are happy to have their toddler safe and sound tonight. the mother woke up to sounds of her two-year-old whimpering, her husband then got up, walked into the living room and saw a stranger there holding his daughter. he fought with the suspect while the mother called 911. suspect ran off. but officers caught up with him and tased him after he refused to obey their commands. >> it's very scary. like i said, this is a parent's
10:25 pm
nightmare to wake up and you hear something and you're scared to go and check the area thinking, okay, it's probably nothing but then actually seeing someone a stranger holding your two-year-old daughter. >> 34-year-old or rin cohen charged with burglary, aggrava aggravated assault and kidnapping. police are investigate a motive. talk about a bold new mission plane that once carried passengers and airliner served as launch pad of sorts for a rocket carrying satellites. check it out. >> and drop pegasus is away. >> amazing. that was a rocket dropping from the plane and blasting eight mike crow satellite observatories into orbit. they're going to help scientists better understand and predict hurricanes and look at rainfall patterns. the $157 million mission will start sending back data early next week. unlike current satellites these can see speed wind through rain and they fly into storms they
10:26 pm
don't have to make flight after flight to get good coverage. >> interesting stuff. >> when you go through tons of other people's garbage, you won, right. >> no. >> let me ask you this. what if there were five grand in that trash? >> one woman through it away but some angels helped her find it. scott? chris, right now temperatures are in the teens but we could be looking at numbers near 60 degrees for a part of the weekend. the roller coaster ride ahead next. >> coming up at 11 he began today as a newspaper deliveryman ended it as crime fighter. he was on his route doing his job and then he saw a guy with a shotgun. what happened next that turned him into a hero. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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now now. welcome back. live look at blue mountain from our pocono mountains camera. grab your snowboard, grab your skis, today we got the winds and bitter cold snow will soon be here, too. temperatures will also rebound. everything you need to know coming up in your fox 29 weather authority forecast. icy, slick roads could be to blame for massive pileup in western pennsylvania this
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morning. officials in dubois say 59 vehicles were involved including 22 tractor trailers. this all happening along interstate 80. the crash forcing authorities to shut down the highway. three people were hurt. but their injuries believed to be non-life threatening. >> we are just days away from the official start of winter. but today certainly felt like we're well into the season people across the area layered up braced the winter tem temps coldest day of the season so f far. brad sattin speaks with one woman whose day in the cold was probably harder than yours. >> reporter: it takes all of one step outside to feel mother nature's slap in the face. >> started walk and i'm just like whoa. >> i'm still cold. it's freezing. >> reporter: but remember it could always be worse. >> horrible day. a nightmare. >> reporter: keisha smith blew a tire on i-95 had to be towed to a tire shop. >> it make it extremely horribly worse because you can't really do nothing. like the wind chill alone every time people would ride on 95 i thought the car was going to
10:31 pm
blow over. >> reporter: as her tire was being fixed she's waiting in her car instead of in the shop. smart move considering the heater in the shop is blowing. all that's working is this make shift electric heater. the heating system died at the end of last winter and it took a day like today for stanford martin to decide he wants it fixed now. >> so you couldn't wait any more? >> couldn't wait any longer. i actually called two different companies today. both of them coming. i didn't cancel anybody. whoever comes first. >> reporter: first to arrive val with affordable fixing. >> we're there to help our customers get their heat back on. >> reporter: he was able to diagnose the problem. >> it's frozen and not able to ignite. >> reporter: many others in the past 24 hours getting the number of calls for emergency service today and even if it's not an emergency -- >> got to definitely service the units. i would definitely recommend to come out don quick tune up much it's not expensive but preventive maintenance is definitely the key. >> reporter: a heater tune yup will cost between 60 and $160.
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another problem frozen pipes. local plumber says it has not been a big problem yet but as this cold weather continues, it will be. along kelly drive, brad sattin, fox 29 news. if you haven't downloaded the fox 29 news app why not go ahead and do it now? you'll have live radar images at your fingertips and weather alerts sent to your phone, download it free from and apple or google play stores. crime of opportunity this time of year. package thefts. home security cameras captured this porch pirate pulling right into the driveway of a home in levittown. getting out of the car and taking the package. it happened on elder berry second. police are looking for that thief. well, cops want to make sure you are extra vigilant if you're expecting a delivery. >> just in time for the holiday season some of the men and women who put their lives on the line every day in philadelphia just received a special gift. the american bible society presented philadelphia police commissioner richard ross with a strength for the streets bible.
10:33 pm
it's a bible that filled with stories from philadelphia's own police officers and chaplains meant to bring officers comfort and hope. >> this great diverse among the philadelphia police and no matter what your background is i want you to encourage you to open this book and find strength in it. find courage in it. >> the group gave bible to officers and helped officers turn to these bibles during troubling times and maybe all the time. >> for most of us 5,000 bucks it's a lot of money. >> yeah. >> so imagine accidentally tossing that cash in the trash. >> mortified much that's exactly what one new york woman did and she was and she really needed that money. but she, you know, did get special help to get it back. it's a good story. fox's jessica, has it. >> reporter: talk about throwing away money. on tuesday, his mother through an envelope with $5,000 in cash in the garbage.
10:34 pm
money she had saved up to pay her mortgage. >> my mom very hard-working lady. report roar his mother works in nursing home. when she noticed what she had done, she quickly went looking for her son who happens to be sanitation worker for the city of long beach. >> she walked up to the sanitation site and started to cry. what's up mom? >> i threw away my mortgage money. >> reporter: he acted quickly and reached out to his co-workers for help. >> his mother was in despair. >> reporter: the men headed to the dumpster on mission. >> we drove behind the truck. got over there. went through the garbage. we had affiliates from the merit transfer station to help us and they moved some of the garbage around and that made it easier to get into certain spots. >> reporter: did you guys think you were going to find that money? >> honestly i didn't think so but we had to give it a try. >> she was crying. i said worry. don't worry we're not going to leave here until we find the money. >> reporter: they searched
10:35 pm
through 13 tons of garbage. they were ripping garbage bags open. >> the money got to be right here. because the garbage was packed -- truck was packing. >> 40 minutes later -- >> i moved the bag she walked to me in the pile and ripping the bag she saw the bag. ripped it open and there it was. >> these citizens are super heroes pulled off an incredible christmas miracle in finding this money and really making someone's day and that's what our work force is all about that's what long beach is all about. >> not a dollar was missing by the way. they found all $5,000. after cleaning the money, not money laundering just cleaning the money, she deposited it and made her mortgage payment. how is that. >> maybe a reward. >> a little bit. hundreds of families in philadelphia will now be able to enjoy a holiday turkey dinner thanks to the help from the drexel university community. alumni, students, faculty and staff raised more than $35,000 to help families in need. here's the volunteers loading the trucks earlier today. the turkey dinners will go to
10:36 pm
1300 families it's the university's 43rd year doing that. >> imagine a town with no police officers. people in one part of indiana don't have to imagine every single officer just resign. why they say they couldn't take it any longer. >> and this picture of a robber is going viral tonight for the terrible disguise he used to stick up a gas station. why this bandit with a magic marker beard may be having at last laugh.
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♪ >> hopefully no criminal strikes in one indiana town tonight. they have no more police officers. all of them in bunker hill quit after a fallout with town council. the officers say council members asked them to do quote illegal unethical and immoral things like background check on other council members to find criminal history w they said no those who wanted homerun those checks threatened them. >> we had issues with the town
10:40 pm
board, you know, there was, um, some activity there that felt like they were serving their own agenda. wouldn't communicate with us or the officers. they kept scaling things back. >> tomlinson says he plans to sue the council. the council denies it was ever involved in any illegal or unethical actions. the town is trying to hire new officers. in your money tonight, lyft is making it more convenient to get you from point a to point b. ride service letting passengers book rides up to a week in advance. when you open the apps select your pick up location you just have to hit the clock icon on the right. set the time you want the driver to pick you up and you can update or cancel a ride up to a half hour beforehand. so how is your holiday shopping going. >> i'm behind. >> like really behind. >> amazon, click. >> that's what i need to do. more importantly do you have some gifts you still need to ship out because you better get on it. he's already good. us postal service expects
10:41 pm
deliver estimated 750 million holiday packages this season. so if you want those gifts by christmas remember these dates. the first deadline to ship was today for ground shipping through the us postal service. you can scratch that one off the list. tuesday, however, is next deadline for first class shipping. the 21st is the deadline for priority. but the cost goes up. and for those of you who wait until the very last minute december 23rd is the last day to guarantee christmas delivery if you use priority express. so are you feeling generous? many of us are this time of year but is that making you a target for scammers? coming up the 12 exams of christmas that could make the holidays a little less happy. scott? >> lucy, new information on the timing of that weekend snow. wintry mix then going over to all rain. roller coaster temperatures ahead, too. next.
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♪ robbery suspect in florida is going viral for his ridiculous disguise. check out this guy wearing a bandana and a weird drawn way magic marker. the guy -- we're not sure it's a guy. it could be a woman. held up a gas station earlier this month while the entire internet is kale calling him a
10:45 pm
joke, so he's got the last lau laugh. why? he's still on the loose oh night. >> were it a weird black beard. tis the season of giving and because most of us are in such a generous mood our guards are down and exams they're up. tonight we're telling you what to look out for. >> what can be more appropriate than the 12 exams of christmas. here's fox's... >> on the first day of christmas -- >> one thing that people like to do,. >> make charity website that looks real. >> just alter the wording a little bit. >> to steal info from you. on the second day of hanukkah something else that can be fake shopping apps. don't give your credit card to scammers by mistake. on the third day be careful e card seem really fun but if they want personal info to open it that's your queue to run. on the fourth day beware of companies writing letters from santa to your kid. check with the better business bureau because only a few legit. on the fifth day of christmas we're talking gift card scams.
10:46 pm
>> if you get an e-mail saying you won a free gift card. it's probably a scam. on the sixth day the same goes for e mailed shipping notification could be a scammer baiting you for personal information. on the seventh day be wary of holiday temp jobs and personal info they're requiring. go in person or to a company's main website to find exact who'll is hiring. on the eighth day buying gifts don't use wire transfer to prepaid cards to ever pay someone. unusual forms of payment can be traced or done. on the ninth day. >> people will come to deliver something to you and ask for a small verification credit card, something like that. what they're actually doing is stealing your information. >> reporter: on the tenth day sadly more scams to go. when it comes to giving to charity, check >> make sure it's a reputable company that you know. eleventh social media gift exchanges. it's a variation on pyramid scheme. it's illegal.
10:47 pm
on the 12th day of christmas, as you sip cocoa in your pajamas just always be on alert because -- >> it's really a big time for scammers. >> ♪ fruit cake you like fruit cake. >> i do like fruit cake a good one. not all fruit cakes are same. >> long time holiday tradition for some families. star buck adding a fruit cake frapuccino. >> really. >> just in time for the holidays. >> i might like that. >> i don't know about it. available in u.s. and canada starting today through decembe december 18. >> hazelnut cream frapuccino trended with dry fruit spiced with cinnamon and topped with whipped cream caramel dots and sprinkled with ma cha. >> does that sound good. no. >> i like coffee. >> just black coffee. you're like my son. >> tradition lift. no sugar, no cream. big honor for two of our fox 29 family members.
10:48 pm
look at this chris o'connell. america's old defendant press club the pen pencil awarded good day alex holley who was -- that's actually mike jerick alec holley was holding her award and the guy setting 96 to me won too. chris o'connell won best use of multi media. mike jerick holding award for you chris. >> i cannot get out there. humbled nation's old press club that's awesome. and i will be getting that award from mike jerick's hands first thing in the morning. >> mike already got it on his book case way spotlight. that's mike. >> we need like a heat lamp on all of us instead of a spotlig spotlight. >> went out tonight, freezing, scott. >> absolutely. congratulations on that award, chris. >> thank you. >> well deserved. >> it is definitely bitter cold. look at the temperatures right now. 18 degrees but you have to factor in the wind. how your body reacts it feels like 3 degrees right now in philadelphia. look at the air temperatures across the board we're talking 18 millville, 18 atlantic city.
10:49 pm
seven right now in the poconos. but look at what it feels like in the poconos 15 below so dangerous cold out there. it feels like three right along the i-95 corridor. feels like zero in reading. so overnight lows 15 in the city. 10 in the burbs. but single digit wind chills for most but below zero in the lehigh valley and also the poconos. what about your friday across the area? a mixture of sun and clouds. temperatures top out right it round 28 philadelphia. 28 degrees in atlantic city. teens that will do it in the pocono mountains. now what about this weekend system. it's overnight friday into the first part of the day on saturday. we're watching that moisture gather out to the west around the four corners the colorado rockies and that moisture will head in our direction. after about midnight tomorrow through early on saturday. we're talking a brief coating to an inch interior parts of south jersey, right along the i-95 corridor, then north and western
10:50 pm
suburbs one to 2-inches places like west chester, malvern, moving to around, say, perkasie, doylestown, one to 2-inches. but berks county into parts of lehigh valley two to 4-inches before things change over to that icy mess then eventually all weigh rain as we go hour by hour 2am most of the snow north and west some of this will be moving in to the i-95 corridor. but then watch what happens at 7am. we're looking at all rain parts of south jersey. much of delaware. but look at the pink. that's that transition zone from the rain to the sleet and then eventually all snow north and west. then watch what happens by 8am. all rain. that yellow moderate to heavy rainfall temperatures warm well above freezing. pretty much area wide by late morning into the afternoon we're talking about temperatures kind of warming as we move toward saturday night into sunday morning. temperatures will start right around 60 but then the trade off we do have more rain in that
10:51 pm
forecast. the weather authority seven day forecast showing 27 tomorrow. upper 40s saturday. 60 sunday early before temperatures drop turning colder again, tom, early next week. scott eagles getting ready for their final road game of the season sunday and they will be down in baltimore just ahead why this game still means a little something extra to these guys and recently wide receiver michael floyd has a new home tonight. perfect here in philadelphia but eat not comely. where he's going might make you sick. the rich are getting rich err. that's coming up next in sports.
10:52 pm
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♪ eagles and ravens comin comg sunday 1:00 o'clock right here on fox 29 the final road game of the season for the eagles. it's hard to believe if you can think about this. eagles won their first road game of the season that was back on september 19th. remember beat the chicago bears in chicago. haven't won 16. six road games in a row if you're still counting. it felt like about 6 degrees today the eagles practiced inside at the novacare complex. the most notable absence running back darrin sproles still on in nfl concussion protocol. odds of making the play off how about 5 million to one. sunday means little something to these guys. >> ♪ >> first and for most for this
10:55 pm
team, this organization, we put so much into the season, um, you know, to lay down or, you know, whatever you want to call it not show up these last three weeks is not an option. >> we need to finish these last three games strong. take it on into next season. take momentum into the off season where, you know, hey, we know what type of team we are. we know what we can do when everybody is focused and do what they have to do to be dominant in this league. >> more with eagle cupping up sunday 10:00 o'clock on fox 29 "game day live". followed by fox nfl sunday. eagles/ravens 1:00 o'clock and our post game report coming up at 4:30. how about rich getting rich err file it didn't take wide receiver michael floyd long to find work by the cardinals yesterday. today he picked up by bill belichick and patriots. michael floyd 33 catches and four touchdowns and a little bit baggage. released by the cardinals two days after after arrested on
10:56 pm
driving under the influence charges and failing to obey a police officer. patriots follow the rules all the time so michael node will fit in just fine. sad news tonight from the nba on the death legendary broadcaster craig skegger. he was perhaps best known for flamboyant outfits you see over here and witty blend of humor and information on nba side lines. craig lost his battle with cancer today. he was 65 years old. if a statement tonight the 76ers to say he was a valued friend and inspiration would under state the impact he had on so many people within the nba and far beyond. phillies will a herrara in phillies uniform for five more years. they ripped up his contract give him new new one through the 2021. $30.5 million of it is guaranteed. he was picked up as a rule five player turned out to be a nice player. championship teams need like him. he'll be here through 2021. >> nice to be thinking baseball. >> absolutely that. does it for us at 10:00 o'clock. lucy standing by with what's
10:57 pm
coming up at 11:00. >> so you guys remember this. hottest smart phone game craze for awhile but if you thought playing pokemon go had the added benefit of helping to burn calories not so fast. what researchers just learned and your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. it's a jam pack newscast. don't you go away. ♪ (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. first at 11:00 fox 29 weather authority tracking arctic blast. tonight's cold far beyond uncomfortable. it's down right dangerous and soon we'll get some more snow. people across the area are bundling up layering up doing whatever they need to stay warm. staying inside as much as possible really. but after this early dose of winter weather, we are tracking a big change. good evening, i'm lucy noland. you'll have to plan your routines and your outfits more carefully over the next few days. let's get straight over to meteorologist scott williams. weird stuff happening, scott. >> absolutely lucy. the best advice buckle up and hold on the arctic air has invaded the delaware valley. look at the current temperatures outside. 18 right now in philadelphia. but it feels like four when you factor in those winds still


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